presenting coach house fitness: our latest promo video

Venturing into the realm of video marketing has been an enlightening experience for us here at Coach House Fitness. We recently
collaborated with the talented Zayne Poole Videography to produce a promotional video that truly reflects our gym’s ethos and offerings.

Armed with state-of-the-art camera and drone equipment, Zayne effortlessly brought our vision to life. From sweeping aerial shots of our facility to intimate glimpses of our classes in action, every frame radiates the energy and vibrancy of our gym.

Our incredible community stepped up in a big way, graciously agreeing to be part of the action. Their presence infused authenticity into
every scene, showcasing not just our facilities, but the genuine camaraderie and support that define Coach House Fitness Oswestry.

Curious to see Coach House Fitness Oswestry in action? Click the link below to watch the complete promo video:

Coach House Fitness Oswestry – Where your goals become realities (